What Problem are we looking to help solve? 

For anyone that walks the streets of Portland, Oregon, which is our local stomping ground, it is hard not to notice the high number of homeless people living in alleyways, sidewalks, under overpasses, in the parks, along bike paths, and countless other nooks and crannies throughout the city. Homelessness in PDX is a big problem and we realize our tiny little start-up can only make a small impact on this large issue, but perhaps a lot of small gestures can help lead to great results.

It is our belief that tiny homes are an economical solution for low income housing,  but we also realize the homeless problem in PDX and across the US is a complex issue, with various view points and laws that limit its use today. Tiny Homes can also add to the problem, if implemented without regards to local laws, property rights and citizens. To help, we pledge to be part of the discussions to reduce homelessness in our city,  and donate 5% of the profit of each sale to a homeless organization of the buyers choice. 

OUR BUSINESS is to offer and educate tiny house enthusiasts on the many options for living tiny. Today, if you want to buy a tiny home, you visit countless websites from various manufacturer's to understand your options, as there are thousands of designs, materials, and opinions to choose from, which can get overwhelming and confusing.  We are working to build a database of tiny homes for sale to be launched on October 1, 2018.